What if one day of carefully crafted experiential exercises dissolved everything in your life that was holding you back from living your dreams and experiencing Oneness with all that is?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Unity Center, Vero Beach, FL*

Linda Van Haver

  Armand & Angelina                     Kimberly West                    Rob Wilson                      Dr. Melissa Andersson

With original music by Armand and Angelina, Allow Your Spirit to Soar with Kimberly West, Cowboy Wisdom Neuro Linguistic Innovation with Rob Wilson,  Awaken Your Inner Awesome with Dr. Melissa Andersson and Connecting to the Divine In You with Linda Van Haver. 

It is our pleasure to invite you to come and experience stepping fully into your personal power, rock hard self esteem, what you are capable of, how much value you bring to the planet and how loved you really are.  This is not feel good for the moment motivation that will wear off as soon as the event is over.  You will definitely laugh, you may cry, but when you participate in this interactive day filled with beautiful music, riveting speakers, hypnosis, NLP, experiential exercises and other healing modalities, you will leave with a positive emotional shift and lift that can serve you a lifetime.  Part inspirational and empowering entertainment and part motivational event, Claim Your Thunder  promises once again to be THE event to kick off the new year into high gear.

Like thunder, let your power vibrate over the world.  Be loud and clear about who you are.  Roar, revel, rejoice in being you!

We have designed this event to result in helping you get back to your "factory settings" before you absorbed negative messages about yourself and others into your subconscious mind and developed limiting beliefs that hold you back and defeat you.  There will be no need for notes nor strategies to learn and the results will last when you participate full out with us.

The producer of this event truly believes that when a person feels valued, centered, and at One with everything and everyone around him/her, that peace can be attained in our lifetime. Are you ready to play a bigger role in the world?  Get your soul and spirit energized.  Come join us!

Dr. Melissa Andersson: "I want to say that we facilitators are only a part of it!  As we experienced last year, the participants were fully involved with taking their energy of possibility -as well as the group energy-to the next level.  It's amazing how high we can fly when we get into our essence and manifest from a place of love,community, clearing flow and courage."


 "My deepest wish for you is to love yourself completely and the loving life force that brought you here, drop judgements, forgive, and open your heart to ALL.  When each of us has done this, we have reclaimed the power within and humanity itself can be united."

                                                                         Linda Van Haver

*This is not a Unity event, we are renting the facility.


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